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Errol Hassell Elementary School

Family Handbook





Errol Hassell Elementary School       18100 SW Bany Road Aloha, OR 97007

Main Line:  503-356-2090            24-hour Absence Line: 503-356-2091        Fax: 503-356-2095



School Website:




The office is open Monday- Friday  from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


Last Revision: August 2019


If you need this document interpreted please call (503) 356 -3755 (English)

如果您需要翻译服务,请致电欢迎中心。(Welcome Center) (503) 356-3779 (Chinese)

Si vous avez besoin de l'interprétation de ce document, veuillez téléphoner (503) 356 -3773 (French)

日本語で説明が必要な方は、(503) 356- 3781までご連絡下さい。(Japanese)

( Arabic ) إذا†كنت†بحاجة†إلى†تفسير†هذا†المستند†يرجى†الإتصال†على†3780†- 356†- 503

한국어로 설명이 필요하시면 (503) 356-3778 로 연락주시기 바랍니다 (Korean)

Si usted necesita la interpretación de este documento, por favor llame al (503) 356-3755 (Spanish)

Hadii aad u baahantahay in laguu turjumo ducumeentigaan fadlan soo wac (503) 356-3776 (Somali)

Если Вам нужен перевод этого документа, позвоните по телефону (503) 356-3770 (Russian) Xin liên hệ (503) 356-3777 nếu câ n nghe phiên dịch văn kiện na y (Vietnamese)

Kama unahitaji hii kwa Kiswahili tafadhali piga simu (503) 356-3755 (Swahili)

(Hebrew) (503)356-3755 




School Day: 8:00am - 2:35pm. 


Before School

We supervise students in the cafeteria for breakfast and on the playground between 7:45-8:00am. There is no staff supervision before 7:45am.

Students that arrive to school after 8:05 need to be signed in at the office. A student will be marked unexcused unless a parent accompanies the student and signs them in. 


After School

There is NO playground supervision after school. Children playing after school must be accompanied by an adult. 


Crossing Guards

Students are protected by a crossing guard at the intersection of Granada and 179th and in front of Errol Hassell School on Bany Road from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. and 2:35-3:00 p.m. Please instruct your children to cross only where there is a crossing guard.


Children who ride bikes to school need to obey all bike safety rules. Bike riders must wear helmets. Students are to dismount and walk their bikes on the school grounds and through the forest across the street from the school. Bikes should be locked securely in the bike rack during the day.  The school is not responsible for bicycles that are stolen or damaged.

Skateboards/Roller Blades/Scooters/Wheeled Shoes

Skateboards, roller blades and scooters are NOT to be ridden or worn on the school grounds.  Students may not bring skateboards, scooter or rollerblades into the classrooms. Shoes with wheels are not allowed.  Wheels must be removed before coming to school.

Bus Safety

All guidelines and procedures outlined in this document and the Consistent Discipline Handbook apply to children riding the bus to and from school.   Children who behave in a way that impedes the safety of others may be suspended from bus services.


Students are expected to be safe, respectful and responsible on the bus. 


Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Students will sit in seats with feet on the floor and legs out of the aisle.

All belongings will remain in backpacks.

Students will get off the bus only at their stop.

Balloons are NOT allowed.

Students will listen to and follow the driver's directions.

Students will use quiet voices and kind words.

Students will visit quietly without hurting others physically or emotionally.

Students will be responsible for their belongings and should leave no trace that they were there.

Students will use good judgment.



All children are to get off the bus at the stop designated by BSD Transportation Department.  To make any changes in pick up or drop off plans, a note written and signed by the parent or guardian must be given to your child’s teacher, then the bus driver.  Children will not be let off the bus at other than their normal stop without your written permission. FInd your bus stop here.


Parking Lot Procedures

When pulling into the school parking lot from Bany Road, please observe all regular traffic laws. Our parking lot tends to get very congested.  For the safety of our children, it is essential that all drivers follow the correct procedures for the drop off and pick up of students. Please share these expectations with childcare providers, relatives and anyone who may transport your child.


Drop Off

Vehicles enter our driveway on the west end of our parking lot.  Our driveway has two lanes. The right lane is the DROP OFF and PICK UP lane. The left lane is for through traffic.  Drivers should pull as far forward as possible or up to the bike racks before dropping off students if traffic flow allows.  Students may be dropped off at any point along the sidewalk however, pulling forward as far as possible gets more cars off Bany Road.  Once dropped off, students are expected to walk on the white safety line on the sidewalk to the front doors of the school. Drivers must remain at the wheel.


Pick Up

When students are picked up by car or daycare vans, they wait with staff in front of the school in the white safety zone.  Children are expected to wait in grade level lines until they see their pick up vehicle. They then will let the monitor know they are going and walk to the vehicle. Students should get into the vehicle on the side closest to the sidewalk.   If they need to enter on the driver's side, we expect an adult to get out of the car to open the door. Adults are easier to see than children and this will alert other drivers to use extra caution.



 Regular attendance is critical to successful work in school. Each day, teachers design learning experiences which move a student in an orderly manner through the subjects taught. Students who are in class and on time will benefit from valuable class instruction and be enriched by the participation and interaction with their classmates.


Children may not attend school if they have a fever of over 100.3, are vomiting, or have diarrhea.   Children should not return to school until they are fever free without medication for at least 24 hours and /or until the last incidence of vomiting occurred 48 hours previously. 

Attendance Check-in

Our Absence Line Telephone Number is 503-356-2091.  Please give the following information:

  • Your name

  • Your child’s name

  • date of the absence(s)

  • teacher’s name 


For your convenience, a voicemail line is in operation 24 hours a day including weekends. ALL PARENTS are expected to call if their child will be absent or late. Our office staff will then compare recorded phone messages with daily attendance reports and make necessary calls to parents until every child is accounted for. 


Excessive Absences

You will be notified if a pattern of absences occurs or becomes excessive. Irregular attendance may be reported to the Truancy Enforcement Officer.

Late Arrivals 

A tardy is defined as not being in an assigned classroom at 8:00 a.m.  If a student arrives at school late, the student must report to the office before proceeding to the classroom. A parent must come to the office and sign the student in to have the tardiness excused. If a student arrives late without a parent signing them in, the student will be marked unexcused.

Student Release during the School Day

Students are under the direct supervision of school staff during regular school hours.  All student releases during the day must occur through the office. For safety reasons, your child will not be released to anyone who is not listed on the registration form as an emergency contact person.  Without parent verification, any person requesting to pick up a student during the school day may be asked to show a picture ID if the office staff does not recognize the person. 

Whenever possible, we ask that medical, dental and other appointments for your child be made outside the school day. When it is necessary to pick up your child before the school day ends,  we will call your child to the office when you arrive. Please allow time for this when you arrive at the school. Students will not be excused after 2:15 pm 



Please do not send treats, balloons or flowers on your child's birthday. Their delivery interrupts the teaching and learning time. Birthday invitations may not be given out at school unless every child in the classroom receives one.  



Communication between the home and school is key to the success of our students.  You are encouraged to contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions. In addition to this publication, you can expect the following: Monthly school newsletter, Classroom newsletter/ SeeSaw, School web page , Report Cards in February and June, Parent-Teacher conferences at least twice a year,  phone calls, and email.



Send your children to school in clothing that allows them to engage in rigorous learning. Their clothes and shoes must allow them to run, jump, and stretch.



Students may not bring toys or personal electronic devices to school.  Cell phones need to be off and away during while at school. They are a disruption to learning during the day and are easily lost.



BSD Enrollment Information

Student Transfer/Withdrawal

Please contact the school office if you are moving to a different school.

Student Records

The school maintains a cumulative record folder for each child in the school office. The record folder contains  information the school needs to take appropriate medical precautions and a summary of the child's academic progress as reported by the teacher(s) on report cards. The records and information included the following:Permanent Academic Record Card, Oregon School Health Record Card, Scores for state assessments given in grades 3-5,  Beaverton Schools Pupil Medical History Form, Copies of Progress Reports, and Attendance letters sent home by principal




Inclement Weather

School closures and delayed openings are announced as soon as possible in the day. Sign up on SchoolMessenger to get the most up to date reports from district office.  


Students who ride buses home will be released when their route bus arrives at school. Buses may be delayed in arriving at school and delivering students home due to traffic conditions.  During school closures, delayed openings and early closures, buses may be on snow routes. If buses are on snow routes, there will be no bus service south of Errol Hassell. All routes along Rigert, 181st, 184th and Fallatin will be canceled.  

Family Emergency School Closure Plan                          

Parents are advised to have an emergency plan so that their children will know where they are to go if the school closes early. Complete the emergency plan verification form sent electronically each August.  All emergency information will be stored in your child's electronic file. Be sure that all your emergency contact information is correct.   

Earthquake or Emergency Events

At the onset of an earthquake, all people at Errol Hassell will take immediate shelter and duck and cover. Students and teachers will practice this throughout the year. Once the shaking has stopped, all teachers will evacuate their classes to their area on the playground behind the school. Teachers will then account for all students in their classes. 


If the decision is made to close schools, parents arriving at school to get their children will be directed by adults in front of the school as to where to go. Teachers will record to whom your child has been released or to what facility your child has been transported.  If in an emergency event students should need to be relocated, the students may be bussed to another location.


Please complete the emergency information on the verification form, sent electronically each August.

Emergency Drill Procedures 

All students and staff participate in emergency drills.  These include fire, earthquake, secure and lockdown drills.  When the alarm is sounded or emergency announcement made, students will be directed to follow their teacher’s instructions in a quiet, orderly manner. If you are at school during an earthquake drill or fire drill, please follow these procedures. Classroom teachers will teach specific drill instructions to students in the first few days of school.




To complete the volunteer background check, click here.


Errol Hassell values its volunteers. The volunteer program at Errol Hassell enriches the education for all students in the school.   Volunteer activities range from chaperoning field trips or helping with special events to helping with classroom instructional materials. Volunteers may do a variety of activities depending on their skills, talents, and interests.  A volunteer may work regularly scheduled hours each week, once a month, or one or two times a year at special events, depending on their available time or interest. Volunteers may work in the classroom, in the workroom, or at home, depending on the job.  We encourage anyone who is interested to become a volunteer at Errol Hassell. We LOVE our volunteers.

Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO)

The Parent Teacher Organization is an all volunteer, non-profit organization.  The PTO is not affiliated with the national PTA so there are no membership fees and all fundraising is dedicated to Errol Hassell.  The PTO works to provide enriched learning experiences for our students. The PTO plans and formulates activities such as STEAM Night and service events including health screening.  The PTO holds fund raising events to support these activities and to purchase items that benefit students, such as music and PE equipment as well as learning materials for classrooms. Parents are encouraged to attend the monthly PTO meetings. Check our school website calendar for meeting times.


Every time you come into the school, you must check in at the main office and get a visitor's sticker or volunteer badge.  



Families can help children achieve academic success by emphasizing the importance of school and activities that build student skills and feelings of success. Families are encouraged to:

  • Talk to your child about school and about their progress.

  •  Check your child’s homework.

  • Emphasize learning activities in and out of school.

  • Attend school events

  • Read with your child.

  • Provide a variety of reading materials in the home.

  • Promote school attendance.

  • Keep in touch with children’s teachers.



By-in-large, our students will not have homework assigned from the teacher other than having an expectation for reading each night. From time-to-time, some of our teachers in our upper grades may have some practice work or the expectation of completing work not done in the classroom. If a child wants more practice for math, encourage students to do Dreambox. Our hope is students will be engaged in extra curricular activities and be outside playing when possible.



Lost items are displayed in the Lost and Found cupboard. Please have your child check there for missing items. Valuables and non-clothing items are kept in the office. The Lost and Found will be cleaned out monthly.  Clothes that are not claimed are donated in Errol Hassell School's name to the District's Clothes Closet. Please label your child’s belongings for easy identification.



Breakfast and lunch are served at Errol Hassell. Click here for more information about menus and prices.

Free & Reduced Price Meal Benefits 

You may complete an application for free or reduced price meals, if it applies to your family.  The application process and each family’s meal benefit status are confidential.  You may apply for meal benefits at any time throughout the school year. However, a new application is required for each school year.   


Student Meal Accounts

Each student pays for meals using their 6 digit school ID number.   You may send cash or a check made out to the school. When making a payment, please indicate your student’s first and last name along with his PIN on the memo line of the check or insert cash in an envelope with your student’s first and last name and PIN on the outside. Payments are made in the cafeteria. Your child’s account stays with them throughout their time at BSD. 

Meal Etiquette

Health department regulations stipulate that students should wash their hands before eating and are not allowed to share any portion of their meals.  Students are expected to clean up after themselves, return trays to the proper location, recycle appropriate items, and dispose of garbage in the waste can. Due to allergies and different cultural practices, we ask that students do not share food at lunch.





The Errol Hassell school wide student management plan is based on helping students learn to make responsible decisions by asking themselves the following questions:



 Students are expected to act safely.  Students are to walk to classes, lunch, recess, in the halls and on the blacktop.  Students are to wait patiently in line. Students are expected to use equipment properly.



Students are expected to be accountable for their actions.  They are expected to be responsible for their learning and to use good judgment.



Students are expected to show kindness towards others, act with a sense of right and wrong, and play without hurting others physically or emotionally.


In an effort to help all students meet or exceed social and behavioral standards, all staff teach expectations throughout the year. Teachers take many steps to help children solve problems in a positive way and to behave appropriately in the school setting. Parents are also encouraged to participate in this important task of helping the student maintain appropriate school behavior.  

Students can earn Hornet Heroes  when they are "caught" being safe, responsible and respectful by any staff member.  




BSD sends home report cards at  the end of each semester, usually the beginning of February and the middle of June.  For more immediate results, you can now opt in to electronic report cards on ParentVue. Reporting pupil progress is the result of daily evaluation of each child. Parents will have at least one scheduled conference with their child's teacher and/or teachers.  For any clarification of grades, please contact the teacher assigning the grade.



Ill or Injured Children

Children who don't feel well, or who have an accident at school are seen in the health room by office staff. We do not diagnose, and if there is any sign of injury or illness,we will call you.  Every time a child has an injury to the head, we contact you. In extreme emergencies, 911 will be called. If the parents or guardian of an ill/injured child cannot be reached, then the person designated on the emergency card will be contacted. If NO ONE can be reached (parent, guardian or emergency contact), then the principal or designee will make the decision regarding the welfare of the child.   

Medication for Students

Only medications (prescription and over the counter) brought to school by the parent will be administered by school personnel.  Parents must deliver any medication to school because children are not allowed to bring drugs or medicines onto school premises. A medication authorization form MUST be completed, signed by a parent or guardian, and brought to the school office for all medication.


Prescription Medications must be in a prescription container and labeled as follows:

  • Student's name, Dosage and Time

  • Prescription number, Physician's name and phone number

  • Pharmacy name and phone number


Non-Prescription Medications should be brought to school by an adult in the original container.  The item will be placed in a bag with:

  • Student's name, Dosage and Time

  • Medication authorization form



Oregon State law requires students to have complete  immunizations. Please check with your medical provider or call the school for a complete list. 

Information About Head Lice 

School Board Policy JHCCFA:  A student with a suspected case of head lice may be referred to designated trained staff for a screening.  The screening will be done in a confidential manner by trained personnel. School personnel will notify the parent or guardian of a student found with head lice and provide information on appropriate treatment.  The student will be allowed to remain in school. The suggested school measures for head lice control, as provided in Head Lice Guidance published by the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division will be considered.

Information About Nut Allergies

One or more students in your child’s school has a severe peanut or tree nut allergy. Strict avoidance of peanut/nut products is the only way to prevent a life threatening allergic reaction.  If exposed to peanut or tree nut products through contact or ingestion, the student may develop a life-threatening allergic reaction that requires emergency medical treatment. Please do not send any peanut or nut containing products for your child to eat in the classroom.